Safe 'N' Sound Washing Machine Kit™

  • The Safe ‘N’ Sound Washing Machine Flood Prevention KitTM is the all-encompassing point of use automatic water shut-off system designed to prevent floods, detect leaks and minimize mold. It is perfect for residential homes, condos and apartment dwellings. The kit utilizes a flood prevention pan to capture water and twin water sensors to detect leaks. When a leak is detected, the automatic motorized ball valves are activated to shut off the water supply. To protect against a burst hose, our product features ultra-tough polymer braided washing machine connectors. They are guaranteed for the useful life of the original washing machine and are specially-engineered to resist corrosion caused by common cleaning chemicals (bleach, ammonia, etc.) which corrode stainless steel.


    • • Easy Installation
    • • Alarm /Valves /Sensors are Reusable
    • • Push button Open/Close/Mute
    • • Polymer Washing Machine Connectors are good for the useful life of the original washing machine
    • • Two sensors can detect a leak both on the floor of the flood prevention pan and on the wall under the shut-off valves
    • • Helps prevents structural damage from slow leaks
    • • Flood prevention pan provides security against leaks damaging subfloors
    • • Reduces risk of mold build up often associated with flood damage
    • • Loud audible alarm
    • • Central alarm connection built-in
    • • Battery backup built-in



  • • WMK-2729 Ideal for Stackable and Standard Washing Machines
  • • WMK-2830 Ideal for Oversized Washing Machines


Technical Specifications:

  • • UL listed class 2 wall adaptor, 115AC/9VDC
  • • Two Motorized Ball Valves: CNC machined with 90°
  • • downward outlet (hose thread x hose thread)
  • • Motors operate at 6VDC
  • • Two Water Sensors
  • • Alarm: Beeping with Mute button
  • • Signal Outputs: 2 Normally Closed


  • • Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
  • • Maximum Temperature: 140° F


Flood Prevention Pan
• 27” X 29” or 28” X 30” ID

Polymer Braided Washing Machine Hose (2)
• 3/4” hose thread x 3/4” hose thread x 60” long

Water Sensor (2)
• 1.25” W X 7.5” L, double sided